The Doctor

Daniel K. Wild, D.C.Dr. Daniel K. Wild, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Wild was born in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. After graduating from Clare High School in 1973, he completed his undergraduate studies at Mid Michigan Community College and Central Michigan University. Dr. Wild attended Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in Spartenburg, South Carolina where he earned his doctors degree in chiropractic.

He has spent the past 30 years working on a technique for patients to help hold chiropractic adjustments. This is done by breaking down muscle stress in the body. Dr. Wild invented and has a patent pending on the 'Body Massage Roll' which gives patients a way to take care of themselves at home. Adjustments are made in three dimensions and Dr. Wild encourages his patients to stay active, drink water and eat healthy to stay well.


When Dr. Wild was very young, he had severe migraine headaches. By the time he graduated from high school, he was having one to three per week with numbness on the left side of his face and arm and also down the left side of his body. Seeking to find the answer, he went to a neurologist who told him that he had inherited the migraines. Dr. Wild's mother and grandmother had suffered from the same issue. He ended up in a chiropracters office as a last resort to end his dilemma. The first time he was adjusted all the pressure in his neck and head were gone within hours. He discovered that when his neck was in place, the headaches disappeared and when his neck was out of alignment, his headaches reappeared and it seemed the spinal adjustment would slip out at any given moment causing pain and suffering. Dr. Wild would return to the chiropracter and get readjusted as that gave him the only relief he could get. It was suggested by the chiropracter that Dr. Wild use a rolled up towel and place it behind his neck. Dr. Wild grasped the concept and has been using a version of the 'Towel Technique' since 1979.


Dr. Wild has further developed the 'Towel Technique' by inventing the 'Body Massage Roll Technique'. Dr. Wild teaches his clients this technique for home use to assist in holding chiropractic adjustments and to effect a positive change. By using the 'Body Massage Roll Technique', the muscles are massaged which causes an increase in circulation and oxygenation moving the old blood out and the new blood in. This process brings functions back to the whole body.


Along with caring for all ages, Dr. Wild specializes in pregnant women and infants. He sees children of all ages and believes that the best benefits of chiropractic adjustments begins at birth. Maintaining your spine helps to bring function to your whole body.

Dr. Wild adjusts the whole body including the spine, skull, TMJ, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, fingers, sacrum, hips/ileum, femur head, knee, foot and toes.